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Year 6 pupils on their trip to London, which included a river cruise with a guide explaining the history of sights and bridges they passed. A walk past the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and Downing Street, lunch in St James' followed by the changing of the guard and finally a trip on the London Eye. What a day!


Temple Grove Academy Trust is a multi-academy trust looking to expand its franchise of academies (both converter and sponsored), setting ourselves the objective of having 5 academies located in Kent, Sussex, Surrey or Hampshire under our management by 2020.


The headline vision of Temple Grove Academy Trust, is “Excellence in Primary Education.” We believe strongly that primary education is often ignored when overall educational development is discussed and forward policy agreed. We strive to promote the critical importance of primary education and will represent it wherever we can.


We recognise that each school has its own journey and that it is possible to achieve individuality, at the same time as demonstrating a shared vision of excellence. We encourage diversity of thought and approach, whilst strongly promoting our ethos.



Why are we only specialising in Primary Education?

Research has found that "a quality and academically effective primary school gives children's development a significant boost." We believe that there should be a choice for primary schools to join a Trust who understands their specific challenges. Read more..


Why individual school indentity?

Our overall belief is in a colligeate approach to multi-academies, where schools are free to keep their indentity, culture, names and uniforms. We encourage each to develop to meet the particular needs of all its pupils and the community it serves.


What else do we offer our academies?

We have developed a range of support servies for our academies, which include: school improvement, training and leadership development, finance, HR and payroll, legal, insurance and governance.



We are sponsored by Temple Grove Schools Trust, a registered charity. We form part of their work to maintain a pioneering role, dedicated to raising standards for all primary education.


Our location and the area we cover.


We are sponsored by Temple Grove Schools Trust



Friars Way

Tunbridge Wells

Kent TN2 3UA

0330 2210462


TGAT is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales

(registered number 08309965).


Registered office: Friars Way, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 3UA.

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